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Wrinkle Creams Are Making the Jump to Major Market Advertising

For anyone who has been in the anti aging industry over the past few years, we have watched the growth of this industry. Its growth has been both rapid as well as staggering. There are few industries that have grown as popular as wrinkle creams have in such a short period of time. Wrinkle creams were just being learned about a few short years ago when Botox became a popular solution. Now wrinkle creams are dominating the skin care industry and have grown so much that they are making the jump to major market advertising.

This is a big step as you rarely see any skin care company being represented at major sporting events, so of this is as a result of demographics and some of it is about brands being able to afford the advertising budget. Whatever the reasons have been in the past, wrinkle creams are now advertising at major sporting events like Major League Baseball’s All Star Game this week. This is major exposure to an industry that has had little mainstream recognition until now.

You may have seen wrinkle creams being endorsed by celebrities and you have most certainly seen some early morning infomercials that have certain celebrities claiming the use of these products. And while most consumers realize that these companies have purchased the endorsement of these celebrities, many still do not. But regardless of whether or not wrinkle cream companies are purchasing these endorsements the amount of exposure and the number of brands who are now advertising has increased ten-fold in the past two years.

Companies that promoted their products almost exclusively on the internet, have now entered into the realm of TV advertising, be it through the use of infomercials or major market advertising. This growth is an indication of just how popular the use of topic wrinkle creams and treatments have become over the past few years. Wrinkle creams are no longer just a niche skin care market, they have grown into a major player within the world of business.

Sure, there are many wrinkle cream companies that are small and do not do any major advertising, and these products may even work well, but the more established brands are branching out. It will be interesting to watch this industry grow and advance over the coming years as there is little indication that the popularity of it will diminish. Consumers do now and will most likely continue to use daily skin care products and while the use of a wrinkle cream is technically a luxury item, its consumption has increased during a period of recession within the country. When most families are tightening their belts and making sacrifices, wrinkle cream consumption was up in a major way. And as we see the economy rebounding we can expect that even more consumers will open up the spending to further the growth of wrinkle cream companies.

Perhaps it is with that in mind that these major brands are stepping up their marketing budgets and targeting mainstream consumers. We will certainly see how this maneuver works out in the end, but for now, wrinkle cream companies are among the most popular business model being studied and certainly some of the most profitable organizations of the past years of economic struggle. We look forward to watching the impact this increased marketing will have.

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