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Neck Lines Annoy You? Here’s How to Fade Them and Keep Them From Becoming Deep Wrinkles

Neck lines tend to embarrass us all, sooner or later. Like lines on the face, everybody can see them at first glance, and they make us feel old.

Here is how to treat neck lines naturally and keep them from turning into deep wrinkles.

Your skin develops lines partly from using the same muscles in the skin over and over. That’s why we use the terms “laugh lines” and “frown lines,” after all.

But the lines that bother us, on our neck and everywhere else, aren’t that simple. These lines develop because our skin is sagging, losing its key proteins that give it strength and elasticity. The skin is getting thinner, too.

There’s a message in all those symptoms. And no, the message isn’t, “Give up, you’re old!”

The message is that your skin is not getting the nourishment it needs. If you’ve spent a lot of money for years on skin care products, the second message is, you’re wasting a lot of money.

What are those key proteins in the skin? You may have heard a lot about them in recent years. They are collagen and elastin. Both tend to be lost as the years go by. But you can replenish them and reverse the problem.

You cannot give your skin collagen and elastin by rubbing it in with a skin cream. The molecules are too big to be absorbed through the skin. It’s that simple.

Many skin cream manufacturers add collagen to their products anyway. They know it can’t help. They’re hoping you believe that it helps.

You rebuild collagen and elastin by stimulating your skin to produce more naturally. There’s a trademarked ingredient called Cynergy TK that does this extremely well. In scientific testing it stimulated the skin to boost skin cell production by 160 percent.

It also did impressive things for skin flexibility – the ability to stretch and come back into a smooth, firm surface. In a clinical trial, it improved skin elasticity by 42 percent, in just 18 days.

This single ingredient also improved skin moisture retention. And it turned out to be a powerful antioxidant, quenching the free radicals that cause oxidation damage. This is another proven cause of skin aging.

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