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Do Wrinkle Creams Work? Yes They Do

There are over a billion dollars spent on wrinkle creams and similar cosmetic preparations every year in North America, and one needs to ask oneself the question: Do wrinkle creams work? You see products like anti aging skin cream, wrinkle cream, and other similar cosmeceuticals constantly advertised on television and on all sorts of print media in an unbelievable and almost overwhelming frequency. Hundreds of millions of dollars go into this type of advertising every year. So one could assume, because it is such an intensive and high-volume business, that there must be a high degree of workability in them, right?

For the ages, women especially have always wanted to look beautiful, useful and radiant for their entire life, and beauty is always important, regardless the age, situation in life, social status, family or anything. Maybe not everybody admits it, but somewhere deep inside everybody knows that they do want to look beautiful, and, unfortunately many people want to look even more beautiful than they already are. Certainly, everybody wants to avoid aging, and that stretches even into the male population. Again, some of the males may not want to admit it, but deep inside they definitely know, nobody wants to age, and wrinkles are the definite sign of aging.

The popular researcher and author Dr. Nicholas Perricone has done a lot of research in this field and found that the most important factor in wrinkling and aging in general is actually the internal inflammation of the cells. When the cell ages, it ages because it is inflamed. This is some sort of internal inflammation, which is not necessarily visible to the outside. Only if that inflammation is very extreme, you can see it in the fact that the person has some sort of a tendency towards having a reddish type of face.

What happens in aging is that the skin ages because the cells are internally inflamed. This inflammation is typically the result of sun radiation or rapid fluctuations of the sugar level within the blood, which can kind of glaze the cells with an abundance of sugar, and causes them to be very irritated internally. So one of the easiest pieces of starting advice is to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, and the binging on sugary foods. Do that together with taking your cosmeceuticals. Dr. Perricone is probably one of the preeminent authorities in this field, since he has dedicated his entire life to the subject matter of anti-aging, wrinkle creams, and all sorts of natural treatments and the scientific research into the causes of aging and effective anti-aging skin care.

You could spend hours and hours to study all his books and materials, and to listen to his DVDs and television lecturers, as he has done very many of these. Some of his lecture are very scientific and have almost a tendency to put the listener to sleep because of the extensive use of scientific nomenclature. But he is the most definite source for an authoritative answer for the question: Do wrinkle creams work? For the purpose of this article on his website, let’s just summarize his findings in a few paragraphs.

Dr. Perricone’s finding is: Yes, they do work, but one needs to get the right types of creams. Wrinkle creams do work, if they help the body to fight inflammation, if they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as antioxidants and Omega-3. But just as important is a natural diet that is rich in antioxidants and omega-3, and also getting enough exercise and rest. Combine these factors in your life together with high-quality wrinkle creams and you will definitely see results.

If you have wrinkle creams that is formulated to have as a primary purpose to provide external moisture to the skin, that does not really work that well, because it makes the skin dependent on that external source of moisture. Interestingly enough, if you try to moisturize your skin by excessive quantities of water, such as frequent swimming, baths in a hot tub etc, that will actually dry out the skin and especially in the long run have negative effects. Some of these old-style wrinkle creams, used over many years, may actually make your skin get some sort of a rubbery consistency, not good!

Fortunately, most people today are aware of this and such products are not as popular anymore. If you go to your health food store or most your cosmetic stores, or shop on the Internet, it is now very easy to get high-quality products, that unnatural and will work really with your skin in order to prevent premature aging, and to keep you looking youthful, beautiful and radiant. You will find a lot more information about this on this website. You have come to the right place here on the Internet!

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