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Toddler Eczema – Baby Skin Rash Tips to Fight Dermatitis Problems

It is not only tough for your child, but watching toddler eczema symptoms as a parent can create a sense of  deep frustration.  You want so much to see your baby smiling and laughing again without itching, crying and scratching.

It’s tempting to give the child frequent baths and using water that is quite warm. Instead, try bathing a little bit less and keeping the water temperature around eighty four degrees. Otherwise, you are drying out the skin and natural oils are important for maintaining it properly. Toddler eczema is not due to uncleanliness. Moisturizing should be a key part of any programs. However, avoid moisturizers with fragrances and extra ingredients. Use one recommended by a skin doctor or a product from a holistic store without additives. When you apply the moisturizer as soon as the toddler leaves the bath, it is ideal for skin healing. Oatmeal baths soothe the skin and you can put oatmeal into a nylon stocking to let it soak in the tub.

Babies only know they itch and can’t understand the whole causality of a skin problem. Give your child extra time and be playful to distract your baby from this ordeal. If you look alarmed, your baby will pick up on the fear. This can cause anxiety for the child.

Because clothing brushes the skin constantly, pay attention to the materials used. It is best to use cotton. This holds true for the child’s bedding as well. Just like choosing a moisturizer, you want to pick a detergent that is mild and does not have a scent. Wool can be itchy, so this should be avoided for eczema in kids as it can be an irritant. 

Go on with your usual activities with your child and if your doctor allows, an antihistamine can often be useful to reduce scratching during the night. Kids scratch unconsciously in their sleep.

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