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Ringworm – A Real Health Threat

Ringworms infections are identified by the reddish ring on the infected area of the skin. Though it is a common notion that they are caused by worms or even insects, this is untrue. They are fungal infections that can afflict humans and animals alike.

Ringworm cause surfaces of the skin to have red rings. Initially it may look like a pimple but it will eventually grow bigger. The center may look healthy while the ring itself can be embossed and may feel a little crusty. Furthermore, ringworm cause patches of hairless areas on the skin. Any part of the human body can suffer from this infection including the scalp.

One familiar type of ringworm is the athlete’s foot. As the name suggests, it’s located in the person’s foot. However, they are not circular in shape like the ones found in other parts of the body. This fairly common type can be remedied with over the counter ringworm treatment.

Once identified, ringworm remedies must be quickly administered. When left untreated, it can infect other parts of the body and topical creams and remedies may not be adequate to cure the severe infection.

Being very contagious, the spread of infection from person to person is fast. The primary way it is spread is through direct contact. Moreover, infected animals can also spread the same to humans. It is therefore imperative to minimize contact with infected animals and persons.

By thoroughly cleaning clothes and other belongings of infected animals or people can reduce the spread of the infection. Basically, keeping yourself, items around you and surroundings clean can make a big difference. Coupled with proper ringworm remedies, the spread of infection can be controlled.

The fungal infection has a 10-day incubation period. This simply means that from the time of exposure, the person will be asymptomatic – no symptoms or sign of the infection can be noticed. After this latency period, rashes will occur and the familiar ring will be visible. It is important for medical professionals to properly diagnose the problem. Furthermore, the right prescription must be given to cure the infection. Though there are a variety of remedies out in the market, the most popular and most effective over the counter ringworm treatment is the anti-fungal creams. They are usually used twice a day, but it is best to check with your doctor. It is also important to cover the infected area with a gauze pad or just a band aid. Most importantly, continue to apply the cream even if the rash disappears. Lastly, avoid scratching to prevent its spread.

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