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Monistat Side Effects – This Will Shock You!

Are you currently suffering from a vaginal yeast infection or feel one slowly creeping up on you? Are you unsure of what options are available but you keep hearing about something called Monistat that is apparently the best thing on the market for yeast infections? If this is the case I have some information that will absolutely shock you! Monistat is far from the best yeast infection option and it’s even further from being side effect free!

As far as the Listed Monistat Side Effects go on the box they read as follows:

A mild increase in vaginal burning, itching, irritation or headache may occur when the product is used. Abdominal cramping has also been reported.


On an online poll conducted, a Whopping 56%! Of Women indicated that they had experienced Severe Monistat Side Effects! What’s worse is only 11% indicated that they experienced No reaction to Monistat. That’s about a 9 in 10 chance of experiencing a reaction!

Do you really want to take the risk?

Some of these severe additional Monistat Side Effects experienced were the following:

  • abdominal pain
  • hives
  • skin rash
  • severe vaginal burning
  • itching
  • irritation
  • swelling

Unlike some other drug treatments like Nystatin, which is commonly used for severe yeast infections, which also by the way has some pretty harsh side effects of its own. Monistat Side Effects can also occur in a less obvious way. The active ingredient in Monistat Micronazole Nitrate is absorbed into the skin and in organs such as the intestine when taken either orally or vaginally. The risk involved with this is unknown at this point. However it should be noted that anytime a drug is able to pass into the bloodstream when it is not tested for this purpose there should be some skepticism.

So what is the solution then? Natural Treatments.


The Natural Treatments I recommend are 100% Safe, Side Effect Free and Highly Effective! There is absolutely no risk involved with them, and best of all they work WITH your body to reverse the damage of the yeast infection and work rapidly to eliminate yeast infection symptoms and provide relief, many times in minutes!

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