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Intertrigo – Yeast Infection in Skin Folds

Intertrigo is caused by a yeast known as Candida albicans. This fungal infection occurs in folds of the skin like the armpits, groins, fat rolls, or undersides of breasts. These areas are moist and warm; a perfect growing environment.

Other factors that contribute to intertrigo are as follows:

o Poor hygiene

o Hot and humid weather

o Wearing tight clothes

o Certain skin disorders like psoriasis

o Using topical steroids

As mentioned earlier, intertrigo appears in areas where skin touches skin and is characterized by red, shining and raw-looking rash, which has scaly edges. The rash does not remain limited to the folds of the skin and extends just outside the fold. A person suffering from intertrigo will have small areas of rash close to the main rash.

Doctors usually diagnose this yeast infection based on its appearance. However, if there is a doubt, a KOH test is done to confirm the presence of yeast and a bacterial culture to confirm secondary bacterial infection.

Treatment for intertrigo involves keeping the folds of the skin dry and clean and applying anti-fungal creams like clotrimazole and miconazole. However, you can also take preventive measures to ensure that you do not get intertrigo. Some of the preventive measures include:

o Reducing skin to skin contact through weight reduction

o Keeping folds of the skin dry

o Applying anti-fungal powder daily

o Wearing loose and soft underclothing so that chafing of skin does not occur. In addition, wearing clothes that absorbs perspiration also help.

o Washing chafed skin daily with antibacterial soap and water and then drying the area thoroughly

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