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How to Lighten Skin Discoloration

Tell me, does this describe you? Have you been hunting high and low for an effective product lighten skin discoloration due to the appearance of age spots on your skin? A lot of people are bothered by the appearance of these unsightly blemishes, and until very recently there were no safe products available in order to whiten the skin. Why though do people tend to develop these spots as they get older?

By the time that we reach roughly forty years of age our skin has become so damaged over the years from our exposure to UV radiation that is produced by the sun that the body begins to take steps to better protect the skin through a process that is known as hyper-pigmentation. This is where the body produces excess melanin in the skin to darken it in patches.

People developing these age spots are the largest part of the population to seek out products that will lighten skin discoloration, but a surprising number of people seek out treatment in order to remove their freckles. Freckles are developed during your youth as a way of protecting skin that wasn’t tolerant of the sun’s rays. People simply want to remove them for purposes of vanity.

There are a couple of methods that are used for dealing with the removal of these melanin pigments that are clinical procedures, and even though they can be effective they can also be very harsh and damaging to your skin. What would be a gentler, and less harmful method of removing your discolored spots would be to use one of the topical creams that are available for that purpose.

I have to issue a word of warning about many of the products that are on the market that are designed to lighten skin discoloration, though. You have to be extremely careful when you purchase one of these topical, because some contain ingredients such as a form of mercury that is more toxic than most due to its solubility. Mercury is not something that you want in your body.

The most common skin whitening ingredient that you will find in these products is called hydroquinone, and it is a very powerful melanin inhibitor. The only problem is that this ingredient has been banned all over Europe due to the fact it is highly carcinogenic. It is still being use in both developing countries, and in the United States despite the evidence that it poses a high health risk.

A better choice of an ingredient to lighten skin discoloration is the natural ingredient Extrapone Nutgrass, which is a variety of nutgrass that grows only in India. It has been known for years to have an excellent whitening effect on melanin discoloration, and the best part is that because it’s all natural so it is perfectly safe for you to use.

Make no mistake about it; the products that contain this excellent ingredient to lighten skin discoloration are manufactured in the island nation of New Zealand, where a company is making some of the most effective products in the world. Once you have tried their all natural skin whitening cream you will never buy products from another company.

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