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Avoid Allergic Reactions and Skin Rashes With Paraben Free Facial Moisturizers

So why is it so important to use paraben free facial moisturizers?  Parabens are used in many skin care products as a preservative.  Parabens like methyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyle paraben, and ethyl paraben extend the shelf life of skin care products.  They are only used because they are cheap.  And the sad part is they are continued to be used even though their potential side effects are well known.

Studies show that parabens may cause cancer.  They can also interfere with your body’s endocrine system and cause allergic reactions and skin rashes.  But still, manufacturers of cheap skin care products insist on using parabens so their products don’t spoil or develop bacteria, even though there are other known ingredients that can preserve their products.  They are a bit more expensive but also very much safer.

Some higher quality paraben free facial moisturizers and other skin care products use natural vitamin E as a preservative.  And that’s just an added benefit from it.  Natural Vitamin E is known for its high antioxidant activity.  It’s great at combating damaging free radicals which come from various sources such as pollution, UV radiation, poor nutrition, and as a result of aging.  Not only this, but natural vitamin E is also great at reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and age spots.  It’s even known to help battle more serious skin conditions like psoriasis and erythema and even help reduce the risk of skin cancer. 

Be aware when looking at skin care products that many forms of vitamin E are synthetic, which are not even close to being as effective at improving the health and appearance of your skin as natural vitamin E is.  These synthetic types of vitamin E have lower antioxidant benefits that aren’t as powerful.  And make sure that any skin care product you think about getting has a high concentration of natural vitamin E (preferably between 0.5% and 1%).  Many companies just throw in a tiny amount of vitamin E just so they can include it on their product label.  Only skin care products with effective amounts of natural ingredients are worth using.

If you’re just using a moisturizer on your skin, here’s something that may enlighten you.  Did you know that you can get an effective anti aging face cream that can moisturize your skin AND keep the ugly signs of aging from forming on your skin, among other things?  By other things, I mean protect your body against damaging free radicals, stimulate collagen and elastin production in your skin (providing firmness and elasticity), and even increase the levels of hyaluronic acid in your body (which is the glue for collagen and elastin fibers).  Look for ingredients in any anti aging skin care product that do these things.  The best ingredients are coenzymeQ10, functional keratin, and wakame, respectively.

Make it a priority when looking at ANY skin care product to look at the product label and make sure that parabens are not listed as an ingredient.  Usually cheap products at drug stores have the greatest chance of containing parabens.  It’s a good idea to stay away from buying these cheap products, as they contain many other potentially harmful ingredients.  Do research online to find effective skin care solutions.  This will decrease your chances of using a skin care product that will cause negative side effects and negative results.

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