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Quiz – Do You Have Rosacea?

Why I am writing this to find out if you have rosacea? There is a simple reason. Many people find that their face is permanently red with some acne like pimples. But they treat it as acne and never realize that they may be having rosacea. What is rosacea and how to find out if you have it?

Rosacea- symptoms

Rosacea makes the face look red. Especially the central part of the face always looks red in rosacea. This begins slowly. If found in time, a lot can be done to stop this. But once rosacea develops fully, nothing much can be done. If you notice that your face blushes after drinking hot drinks, tea or coffee suspect rosacea. If your face becomes red after you eat anything spicy, suspect rosacea. If your face becomes red when you are out in the sun suspect rosacea.

Rosacea- how it devlops

Once you begin blushing suspect that rosacea is affecting you. Slowly the red color will become permanent. Many people feel very embarrassed with red nose. Many rosacea patients have pimples that make the condition still worse. Anytime you find that your face is looking red compared to others, please do not ignore it. If rosacea is found early it can be treated.

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