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One Surprising Acne Natural Cure You Have to Try to Believe!

If I did not try this myself I wouldn’t have believed it worked. Here’s one acne natural cure that can be made with one ingredient you probably have in your home as we speak. Not only is it a cost effective way to treat your acne, it’s all natural and has been proven to work fast.

One Surprising Acne Natural Cure

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit this seems a little weird at first, but it worked for me. The first time I tried it when I was home alone, but once I saw the results I was telling everyone I knew how great it worked!

You’re Not Going to Believe this But I Hope You Try It 

1. Take an everyday garden variety potato and peel it.

2. Shred the raw potato using a cheese grater or something similar, as if you were making hash browns.

3. Rub the shredded potato on your skin where acne is present, this includes whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples (any blemish really)

4. Leave the juice of the potato on the infected area for at least one hour

5. Cleanse the skin with soap and water

6. Repeat daily until your acne is gone! This could be as soon as 24 hours or as long as a week.

You will be amazed at how well this works.

Why Does This Work?

If you are like me then after you see this work you’ll be asking yourself “how the heck did that happen?” Well, here is what is going on and why that treatment works.

A potato contains potassium, phosphorus, protein, and sulfur and all have been proven to be extremely beneficial to the skin. The natural enzymes in the pulps of the potato, as well as the vitamin C and starch are a near perfect combination of antibiotics to treat your skin and acne breakouts.

Treating acne naturally was a big breakthrough for me. It got me thinking that just maybe…

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