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Ocular Rosacea Should Be Treated Immediately

Ocular rosacea is rosacea of the eyes. Rosacea (pronounced row-ZAY-sha) is a facial disorder characterized by symptoms of redness of the nose, cheeks, chin, or forehead. In more severe cases, this redness can develop into bumps and pimples. (Rosacea is not acne, as the pimples of rosacea do not have the whiteheads or blackheads of acne.)

Ocular rosacea symptoms are found in almost half of all rosacea sufferers. Symptoms affecting the eyes include redness, burning or stinging, gritty feeling, sensitivity to light, or scales or crusts.

Symptoms can also include red or bloodshot eyes, tearing, or blurry vision.

Treatment depends on the nature of the symptoms. In most cases, some type of lash hygiene is required. This includes complete removal of makeup, a washing of the lashes to remove crusts or scales, and perhaps a hot compress to loosen particles and reduce sties and bumps on the eyelids.

In more severe cases, there is a possibility of corneal damage. Here the treatment includes anti-bacterial or anti-fungal eye drops. Steroid drops can also be prescribed to reduce inflammation.

As in general rosacea, oral antibiotics are often prescribed. It is not because rosacea is an infection (it is not and cannot be spread to others), but because the antibiotics have anti-inflammatory properties that help to minimize the symptoms of rosacea.

It is very important that if you suspect you have any of these symptoms of ocular rosacea that you seek medical help immediately.  Permanent damage to the corneas of the eyes is possible. 

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