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Natural Acne Treatment Options

If you are an individual that is suffering from a moderate or mild acne breakout, there is usually no need for harsh medications. The medications can be too strong for your level of acne and can cause more damage than help. There are no adverse side affects to the natural treatments as with the prescription medications to cure acne. Acne natural treatment options are designed to clean the body and remove any harmful toxins. This cleaning is accomplished by changing the eating habits and lifestyle of the suffering individuals. Acne natural treatment options consist of herbs that will clean the liver and colon of left over buildup of food ingredients.

Acne can be caused by an imbalance of the hormones as seen in teenage puberty and in adult pregnancy. It can also be a result of the sebaceous glands or pores becoming clogged with a substance called sebum. Common theory is that only teens get acne but there are an increasing number of adults that are suffering from this skin disorder. Acne is found on the body of any age around the neck, shoulders, back and face. The result of a sever case of acne is deep scars left behind in these areas.

Lifestyle can bring about events of acne breakouts or make the acne symptoms worse. For instance, a female who is having a menstrual flow may experience acne because of the increase in hormone levels. Medication designed to raise or lower hormone levels in the individual can also cause acne until the medication is stopped. Those who are overweight may also experience acne more than one who is healthier. Individuals, who are under heavy amounts of stress, will sees acne breakouts more severe than is usual for them. Diets rich in high fatty acids will cause an extra production of oils in the sebaceous glands and of acne appearing more frequently than before.

To control acne, the starting place should be in the diet of the individual. By removing processed foods from the diet, the chemicals are removed from the body. Fresh vegetables and fruits should replace these bad food choices. Lowering the amount of sugar that has been refined and foods rich in fat will fight the acne. Milk and any other dairy product may also be the cause of the acne symptoms. By increasing the fiber intake and water consumption, it will allow the body to flush itself out naturally and remove the toxins causing the skin condition.

Vitamins are also important in curing acne naturally. Vitamin A is very important for the body’s cleansing ability. It will also lower the production of sebum in the glands. A supplement purchased at a health store is the right choice for adding Vitamin A to the acne fighting diet. Zinc is another natural element that can be supplemented in the diet to allow proper healing of the acne that is already there. Zinc has shown an ability to get the hormones of the body into a regular balance.

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