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How To Reduce Pimples In One Day

How to reduce pimples in one day is usually asked by people who have an important date coming up in the next 24 hours — and they want to look their best. A question like this says to me that in addition to the everyday things that are causing their pimples — they now have an added factor to actually make their pimples worse — which is additional stress. It’s the added stress and worry of whether they will actually reduce their pimples by the time of their important date.

So, my first piece of advice is to slow down and compose yourself. Start by taking a 15 minute break and visualize yourself relaxed and with healthy skin. See yourself at that particular event — confident and relaxed — and with smooth beautiful skin. Keep that picture in your mind throughout the day. You see, stress can really wreak havoc on your skin.

Now, onto to things that will help reduce your pimples. Since this is a tight time-frame — only one day — you’ll have to go further than normal. It’s best to replace all your usual drinks with just water. There may be something you are currently drinking that irritates your pimples — making them more prominent — why take a chance when time is short.

Wash your face with a mild cleanser — using your fingertips in a circular motion. Even if you have oily skin — use a mild cleanser — not one made for oily skin — you want to use something that won’t irritate your skin even a little bit. Even if it’s only for one day.

Don’t apply any makeup for 24 hours — leading up to the special event. If you normally exercise — skip today. Exercising gives your face a surge of blood which can redden your face and make your pimples more prominent.

Don’t apply any facial masks or anything else you normally apply to your skin — except prescription medications. Do not use rubbing alcohol on your face — it will dry out your skin and increase oil production.

Keep your diet bland for today. No spicy foods. Eat a lot of vegetables like broccoli and spinach.

Go to bed early — a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

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