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How to Get Rid of Chest Acne – Simple Tips That Work

Acne is commonly associated with facial skin problems; however, chest acne is suffered by a great many people and can be a very distressing condition. It’s important to understand that the treatments for chest acne are different from those for facial acne. This is because the causes of chest acne are generally different from those causing acne on the face. Where facial acne is generally caused by external factors (like contamination of the skin), chest acne typically occurs as a result of internal factors like hormonal changes. While a high standard of personal hygiene is always important in combating any kind of skin problem, it’s often not enough. Read on for some helpful suggestions on how to get rid of chest acne.

Personal hygiene

It’s worth mentioning this again as it’s so important, particularly during the summer months when you sweat more. The combination of sweat with any surface dirt on your skin will lead to pores becoming blocked. Wash as often as possible when the weather is warm and shower immediately after excessive sweating.

Cleansing mask

Using a deep cleansing mask can be a very effective way of removing the hidden dirt that can lead to pores becoming blocked. Go for a mud or charcoal mask and try to make this part of your weekly routine.

Opt for cotton

Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes; your skin needs to breathe. Opt for a natural fabric like cotton wherever possible.

Drink water

Although your physician may recommend a course of treatment to deal with acne on the chest, you can help yourself by increasing your water intake. Water is the best way there is to detoxify the body. Discipline yourself to drink water throughout the day and you should reap the benefits within a relatively short period of time.

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