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Facial Redness and Irritation – Big Problem for Many Men

Men’s facial skin is prone to be red and irritated due in part to shaving. Friction and excessive sun or wind exposure are other possible causes. The underlying cause is inflammation.

The redness and irritation are symptoms of inflammation. Itching is another possible symptom, although red, irritated skin is not always itchy.

Inflammation is a part of the body’s immune system. The inflammatory process goes into action when the immune system senses that an infection or a foreign body is present. In the case of red, irritated skin, there is usually no infection and no foreign bodies.

Most experts agree that the chemicals in our modern world can trigger immune system responses. Chronic inflammation is known to be a significant problem in industrialized nations. The causes of chronic inflammation include obesity and exposure to environmental toxins. Unless you live high atop a pristine mountain, you cannot avoid environmental toxins.

There are also many toxins and irritants in skincare products. Your body-wash or soap could be a source of toxins or irritants. The complete list of common irritants, toxins and allergens found in cosmetics, including aftershave and cologne is too long to even include here. These are some of the most common.

· Alcohol

· Parabens

· Fragrance ingredients

· Linalool

· Eugenol

· Petrolatum

· Mineral oil

· Artificial preservatives

Short term or “acute” inflammation causes symptoms like redness and itching. If the redness and irritation appeared suddenly, the cause may be a new skincare product… a reaction to one of the ingredients.

Even a skincare product you have used for years could become irritating over time. Manufacturers sometimes change the formulation. You can also develop sensitivity to an ingredient that never bothered you before.

Redness without itching may be a symptom of chronic inflammation, although there is a silent type of inflammation that does not cause any symptom at all. Long-term inflammation can lead to premature skin aging.

Inflammatory molecules are among the few things that can damage and degrade the skin’s elastic collagen fibers. When the elastic fibers become damaged and degraded, the skin can start to sag. The body is able to repair the damage as long as you are young.

The damage, and the skin sagging, is more likely to become permanent with age. The skin’s reparative and rejuvenating processes are less efficient as we get older.

Red skin on the face may be related to a condition called rosacea. Rosacea is a common problem for men. Specialized treatments are sometimes necessary to resolve the problem. The best solution is to address the redness, irritation and underlying inflammation before it becomes a long term problem.

If you’re smart, you will try to keep inflammation to a minimum throughout your body. In addition to causing premature skin aging, inflammation plays a role in aging throughout the body and also plays a role in deadly diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

The solution for minimizing inflammation throughout the body is a multi-step process that includes eating healthy foods, taking good dietary supplements and avoiding toxic chemicals. The solution for getting rid of the red, irritated skin is much easier. All you need to do is use good skincare products designed specifically for men.

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