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Choosing an Acne Treatment That’s Right For You

This is one good way to learn which product would work best for your specific skin type and condition. Once you have it under control, you can consider treatment for acne scars.

Here is our favorite list of the top 3 acne cures that are being sold over-the-counter in the marketplace today:

#1: Proactiv Solution

This is one of the most popular remedies to cure acne which has been proven to be an effective cure for even the worse sufferers. Backed by celebrity endorsements, there is no reason why you should not explore the possibility of using this product to help combat your own acne problem.

Every Proactiv kit contains a simple 3 step system which includes the renewing cleanser, toner and the lotion. The core substance that is responsible for the miraculous results you see in the photos of the subject model is benzoyl peroxide. This Is a proven disinfectant that can kill off acne bacteria easily and effectively.

Do check out the offers that are available that offer to send a free pack of proactive sample to your home with you paying just the shipping and handling fee.

#2: Clean & Clear Advantage Invisible Acne Patch

This is another effective acne remedy that helps in curing acne with a different approach. You get an invisible patch that you can stick to your problematic areas. Once dried up, it leaves an invisible film that helps to smoothen out the skin. You can apply makeup or concealer over this thin film. The thin strip of film also contains salicylic acid – which also happens to be the main active ingredient in aspirin, and many wart removers – that would help treat the acne infection. However, it should be noted that this product has a considerable amount of alcohol in it so if you are particularly allergic to this substance, be sure be extra careful. Test a small patch on your arms to be safe. Only apply this to the face when there are no red spots or signs of allergic reaction.

#3: Exposed Acne Treatment

This solution offer an effective way of curing acne through topical application, It is made form AHAs and BHAs plus soothing green tea extracts topped with benzyl peroxide for that maximum acne clearing power.

An investment in the kit would be a great purchase if you are looking for a way to get rid of acne through topical treatment. It has the Free Derm-X Cloth included in the box, the cleanser, tonic, serum for the day and the night serum. There is also a free membership into the Club Exposed which offers additional privileges as well Probably the most attractive feature about his acne treatment is the one year money back guarantee.

There IS hope; you can cure acne. Gone are the days when facial blemishes were something you just had to live with. And while these are the top 3 solutions for curing acne that made it into our favorite list, there are many others, including home remedies.

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