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The Raw Food Diet – How Does It Work?

If you want to try one of the most well known diets around, consider the raw food diet.

Although the diet is exactly as it sounds, there is much more to this diet to know. It is all about understanding why proponents are so dedicated to a raw diet. Hopefully by the time you finish this article, you will have a good sense of what the raw food diet is and what results people report when they follow this style of eating.

Eating only raw foods might be the hot thing right now, but it is hardly new. It actually dates back to prehistoric times, before prehistoric man began cooking with fire. In more modern times, it really began its current day popularity rise in the early 1900s, when proponents Herbert Shelton and Ann Wigmore argued that a raw diet is the ideal one for humans.

Other proponents over the years have included Artturi Virtanen, who said that enzymes released when someone chews raw food are processed in the body in a way that aids digestion.

In 1984, the book ‘The New Raw Energy’ by Leslie Kenton started the rise of the current raw food diet.

Today, more and more people say they are trying to eat raw foods, following in the footsteps of popular celebrities like Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson.

Now, when we say raw food, we are not suggesting you throw a raw steak on your plate and enjoy that with a salad. Raw food advocates are also vegetarians, so we are not talking about raw meat here. People who eat a raw food diet eat primarily a diet consisting of raw nuts, seeds and sprouted seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly squeezed or juiced fruit and vegetable juices, purified water, unpasteurized dairy products and other foods that are free of processing and chemicals.

Most raw food advocates try to keep to a diet that is 75% raw, with the only processed foods being fruit and vegetables that are dried in a food dehydrator. Those following this eating plan say that food should never be heated hotter than 116 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temperature at which a food dehydrator works.

Now, you have to assume that if people follow this kind of stringent eating plan, there is something in it for them, right? Many claim that eating this way is the best possible way to eat and cite many benefits of a raw food diet:

1 – Reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes

2 – More energy and vibrancy

3 – Better skin and slow signs of aging

4 – Reduction of a variety of digestive ailments

5 – Healing of illness and reduction in chronic diseases

6 – Weight loss and easy weight maintenance

Experts say that if you plan to begin a raw food diet, you should follow a plan designed by a doctor or expert in the field of raw food diets. It is very hard to get the right mix of nutrients, experts say, so following a prescribed eating plan ensures you get enough calcium and protein, in particular.

Hopefully, you have an idea of how the raw food diet works and have enough information to help you decide if the diet is right for you.

It may not be the right diet for everyone, but as with anything, it is worth a try if you are interested. If anything, it is a healthy eating plan that anyone with an interest in improving health naturally can try.

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