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How To Lengthen Telomeres And Dramatically Reduce Aging

Poor health and vitality is often seen as an unfortunate but unavoidable result of growing older. However, startling new scientific discoveries have shown that this is not necessarily the case. Recent Nobel Prize winning research has unlocked a fundamental secret of aging – Telomeres. By taking supplements which lengthen telomeres it is possible to delay and even prevent both the physical signs of aging and many age related diseases.

So what are telomeres?

Telomeres are protective caps which lie at the ends of each chromosome. These caps shorten as you get older and this forms the basis of the human biological clock. When a cell divides it cannot replicate all the way to the end of chromosomes, so some telomeres are lost. However, without these protective telomeres vital genetic information would be lost instead.

How are they linked to aging?

Most people are born with 15,000 telomere units but have only 10,000 by the age of 25. Telomeres are lost every time a cell divides and replicates. The longer time that cells can replicate healthily (with telomeres for protection) the longer a person can live without degenerative disease or the signs of aging.

Supplements which lengthen telomeres

Following the groundbreaking discoveries made in the 2009 Nobel Prize winning telomere research, a lot of scientific effort has been put into finding an effective lengthening supplement. Recent supplements have been specifically engineered to promote the processes that lengthen telomeres. The supplements contain many active ingredients including reservatol, citrus bio flavanoids, bicopa monnieri extract, blueberry pterostilbenes, and astragalus extract among other. The supplement’s combination of anti-oxidants, bio flavanoids, and botanic extracts work in several ways to prevent aging:

– Its advanced antioxidant blend prevents telomere length from being degraded by harmful oxidation.

– The supplements provide the nutraceutical building blocks of both telomere length and chromosome health

– The supplements work to reduce oxidative stress on stem cells, telomeres, and chromosomes.

Telomeres and your health

As a person gets older their quality of life often decreases. This is a result of having less energy, vigor, and vitality, as well as the rising occurrence of degenerative disease like arthritis, osteoporosis, and cancer. Telomeres affect every single part of the human body, so by lengthening them you can protect your vital organs, muscles, bones, skin, brain, and physical strength. They also support your immune system and your body’s natural defenses.

Telomeres and visual aging

Smoking, poor nutrition, sun exposure and a lack of exercise are all contributing factors to the visual signs of aging, but genes play a vital role. Fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and sagging are all worsened by the damage done to chromosomes. Lengthening telomeres supports your body from the inside out, and it can help you to look as youthful as you feel.

The benefits of taking telomere lengthening supplements are most likely to begin after 3-6 months of use, and they will continue to develop. The correct dosage of the supplement will vary depending on factors such as your age, environment, health, and any physical demands. The earlier in your life you start the process, the better, but beginning at any age is advantageous.

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