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How to Build Collagen Naturally

What if I told you that it is possible to build collagen naturally. Yes, collagen – the type of protein that holds our skin, bone, and connective tissue together.

As we grow older, we begin to lose collagen that’s in our skin; hence the signs of aging and wrinkles. That’s why it’s important for us to build collagen naturally so the aging process can be slowed down.

So exactly how do you go about building up the collagen in your body? Is there some kind of collagen cream remedy to rub on your face or some type of supplement that can be taken to boost up the body’s collagen supply?

Great news…you don’t need plastic surgery or any kind of injections to increase your collagen! No chemicals…just three key components:

1. Healthy Lifestyle

Your lifestyle choices will have a significant effect on how well you age and build collagen naturally. For example, if you’re a heavy smoker and/or drinker, expect to look older than you actually are like 10 or 20 years older…yikes!

Now begin to do some exercises as part of your lifestyle. Reasonable exercise (no need to be a fanatic) just get out and do enough to keep everything functioning properly and flexible! However, if you’re passionate about exercise just make sure you take extra antioxidants.

2. Healthy Diet

No fast foods or drive-through lines because you won’t find your healthy foods there. Processed foods are completely lacking the nutrients you need to build collagen naturally.

Your body needs the correct amounts of essential nutrients every day so your skin won’t lose elastin and collagen over time; for instance, a lack of anti-oxidants in your diet will have a profound effect on your skin.

So just be aware of protecting your skin from the inside out!

3. Natural Skin Care Products

The easiest component to build collagen naturally and loss the visible signs of aging (but don’t neglect the other two that were addressed or it’s just a band aid solution) is this part.

We all, both men and women, spend a lot of money on skin care products. We’ve been conditioned into thinking that the more we pay for products the better they are!

Is that really true? Not really…here’s why — the power of advertising is at work, at work to create a preconception in the consumers mind.

So what do we need to look for in a skin care product? Two important things:

i — Are the ingredients that it contains effective? Do they address the three main causes of skin aging which are: loss of collagen and elastin; lower levels of hyaluronic acid; and, oxidation through the action of free radicals?

Read the label and take a look at the ingredients. Do a bit of research, look it up on Google and find out whether or not there is any evidence to support their effectiveness.

ii — Are the ingredients that it contains safe?

Don’t be too shocked when researching this area because as an example, one of the well-known international brands actually contains a pesticide! You certainly don’t want that in your collagen cream remedy.

Fragrances are another thing to look out for because if the product contains fragrances and smells nice it’s not good on your skin. Why? The nice floral smells are chemicals.

Also be aware of parabens…does the product contain them? Parabens are a powerful preservative (linked to possible cancer) you don’t want them in your skin care.

Helpful Note: Check to see if the manufacturer is a signer of the “Compact for Safe Cosmetics” agreement.

Don’t be dismayed, healthy quality skin care ingredients you can look for that are chemical free and all natural…and yes, they’re out there. For example, natural ingredients like Avocado Oil and Active Manuka Honey are used in a restorative cream and is clinically proven to target the loss of collagen and elastin.

Other ingredients that help build collagen naturally are: Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame, and Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, which have been scientifically formulated to work together to battle collagen loss and help you loose the wrinkles, are not only natural but use science to deliver dramatic results when addressing the main causes of aging.

Now go out there and start researching your way to build collagen naturally. Find your natural collagen cream remedy from what I have outlined in this article and you will not only look and feel better but…enjoy a healthier life!

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