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The Most Effective Natural Acne Remedies

Sure you can get rid of that dreaded acne, but keep in mind that it is not an overnight process. It is a very big problem that most people, especially teenagers, deal with, and that is why people really look for the best and most effective ways to treat acne. The natural acne remedies are among the best choices for you to finally say goodbye to your dreaded acne. So if you are among those who have been having a hard time figuring out what to do with acne, consider the following natural acne remedies and you will definitely see the desired results in no time, and that is acne-free face and skin.

Natural Remedies for Acne

Here are some general natural remedies for acne.

1. Cleanliness is important. Keep the skin washed and clean. Keep the infected area free of all oils. Wash or part the face with lemon juice 3 times a day. Shampoo the hair frequently.

2. Do not squeeze the spots. Blackheads must be removed (not with picking by the fingers) with a specially designed instrument. Keep hands clean and avoid touching the face. Avoid touching the affected area unless your hands are thoroughly clean.

3. Wash the pillowcase regularly in chemical-free (no added colors or fragrances) detergents.

4. Get early morning sun on the face daily. Get fresh air and exercise daily, and take plenty of rest to eliminate toxins.

5. Avoid irritating the skin. Avoid clothing which rubs against the affected areas. Do not hold a telephone against your cheek for long periods. Keep your hair from your face, so hair oil and bacteria will not be deposited on the skin.

6. Avoid stress; for it can cause hormonal changes.

7. Avoid using oily products or any types of oil on the face. Avoid the use of greasy creams or cosmetics. Avoid make up. If you feel you must use some, use a natural, water-based product. Wash and dip makeup brushes and sponges in alcohol after each use.

8. Avoid oral or topical steroids. The use of topical steroids will make the situation even worse.

9. Men should shave with a blade and in the direction of hair growth. Most shavers can leave small scars on your face.

Special Applications

1. Place alternating hot and cold cloths on affected area to bring up cleansing circulation.

2. Rub on lemon juice at night and wash face in the morning.

3. Apply white clay (from health-food store) and let dry, three times daily to bring to a head. Do this procedure once a week.

4. Mix one part apple cider with ten parts quality water and apply to the affected areas. This is very helpful in keeping your skins pH balanced.

5. If you have acne scars, cut fresh pineapples and place them on the scars to promote healing.

Try out these simple yet so effective natural acne remedies and you will not be sorry for doing so. Not only are these remedies easy to follow and cheap, but these natural acne remedies are also effective and safe, and that is the most important thing to consider.

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