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Acne Diet – What To Eat To Get Rid of Acne

Foods rich in zinc

Zinc is frequently recommended by nutritionists when creating an ‘acne free diet’ as a supplement for beautifying the skin. It has been proven to have powerful skin healing properties and is especially effective in the treatment of acne. Some foods that are rich in zinc are fish and the different kinds of shell fish, including oysters. For breakfast, take wheat germ or wheat bran. You should also take your zinc vitamins regularly. Don’t overdo it though, we need only small quantities of this nutrient.

Stay away from fast foods and restaurants

In your acne diet, you should stop altogether your intake of foods that have been cooked with trans fats and oily fats. Restaurants and fast foods are places where you can expect to eat nothing that hasn’t been cooked and overcooked with those types of oils.

Limit your intake of carbohydrates

Although you shouldn’t cut down on your carbohydrate intake drastically, try to keep the ratio of carbohydrates in your diet to the other nutrients at 50 percent at most. If you can endure with even less, so much the better. In this matter, it will be advisable to consult with a licensed nutritionist and maybe get he suggestions on what carbohydrates you should avoid completely and which ones you should take in moderation. Remember that some starchy foods contain other nutrients, and these nutrients may be more beneficial for your acne than the carbohydrates they contain are detrimental to it.

Eat foods rich in chromium

Like zinc, chromium is another mineral that is effective for combating skin infections. Even if including chromium in your diet does not actually exert any effect on reducing your acne, doing that will at least heal your lesions quickly. You find plenty of chromium in meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Red wine, broccoli and garlic should be ingredients of your regular meals as part of your acne diet because these really have high chromium content. Sweets and starchy foods are low in chromium. So this is another reason for you to replace most of your carbohydrate intake – the fact that simple carbohydrates are deficient in chromium.

Drink green tea regularly

Green tea is known to have an inhibitory effect on the production of androgens. If you did not know yet, acne is known to be caused in puberty by the increase secretion of male hormones or androgens. This hormone stimulates the growth of body cells, including hair, In the process of growing more and thicker strands of hair. The body often exposes itself to bacterial attacks from the environment. These microbes enter through the microscopic lesions in the skin caused by the growth of thicker and more numerous hairs. In portions of the body where there are fewer oil glands, the bacteria are easily expelled with the sweat. However, in those parts of the body where oil glands proliferate, these bacteria tend to be trapped under the skin where they proliferate and cause pimples and boils to appear.

Increase the quantity of protein you eat

Eating more proteins than carbohydrates can be contributive to controlling your acne because they decrease the secretions of the sebaceous or oil gland and minimize the clogging of your skin pores.

As you can see there is really nothing to maintaining an effective acne diet.

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