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5 Best Natural Acne Strategies – Treatments

5 Best Natural Acne Treatments

If you're reading this I'm assuming you are trying to get rid of acne. That's good, your trying to do something about your problem. First off I just want to say that these 5 natural tips to get rid of acne are so simple you will be wondering how you never thought of them on your own.

Getting rid of acne is about improving your overall health. The reason you get acne is because your overall health is below the level it needs to be. Raise this overall health level up and your acne will be a thing of the past.

5 Best Natural Acne Treatments

Diet – Although, you may have read or been told that acne and diet are not related, THEY ARE! Does not it just make sense. If you fuel your body with bad foods then your body will react. Not only will you feel worse but your cells will be affected. In order to get rid of acne you have to keep your cells happy and healthy. So stay away from processed foods, like white bread, fast food, any type of chip or cracker (they are all refined carbs), lots of sugar, lots of salt, SODA, and much more. I know this can be hard since our society seems to rely solely on processed foods. But just think about how much you hate having acne when your making a choice of what to eat. Motivate yourself by picturing being completely clear. It's hard to make an exact list of what not to eat but you usually know if what your eating is bad. If not, check the ingredients and look to stay away from high-fructose corn syrup, refined flour, and chemicals you cant pronounce (they are usually additives which are terrible for you). Oh, one more tip, stay away from Mil and dairy products. These have been shown to be serious triggers for acne.

Fitness – Includes diet this is the one thing that is a major problem for most people. You need exercise, the positives are endless. You need to try to get at least 30 minutes of intense exercise a day. But if you find that hard, start out slow and slowly increase the time. Even walking for 15 minutes can help. Try walking to a friends house, or walking to work. Exercise is so important because keeps your body strong and powerful. If you avoid exercising you can count on acne coming back. It is that simple.

Sunshine – Yes, sunshine helps. Personally I noticed this in the summer. I was outside in the sun about 5 hours a day for my job, and guess what? NO ACNE. Now I'm not saying you should go sit in the sun for half the day, I'm just saying you need to try to get out in the sun everyday. The reason for this is simply to get Vitamin D. Everyone needs it, it has been proven that the one vitamin people are deficient of vitamin D. Especially if your a teen. So maybe you do not have the time to just go sit out in the sun. What can you do? Well you can just get your vitamin D from another source. You could take Vitamin D pills every morning or you could eat foods high in Vitamin D. This nutrition website list over 400 of the highest Vitamin D foods. Although, you are probably deficient in Vitamin D it is very easy to get and it is very important for getting rid of acne.

Fresh air – This is, in a sense, like the diet relation. If you fuel your body with bad, polluted air your body will be reacted. Fresh air plays a huge roll. Giving your body the cleanest air possible helps improve health and speed up recovery. This is also why exercise is so important because when you exercise you are usually outside breathing in the fresh air. Ok, now if you live in a city, you may be asking, "But how can I get fresh air I live in the middle of the city. There is no clean, fresh air." The answer to this is to just try to get a park, or an outskirt of the city. Remember, the more trees the better the air is going to be. Also, sleep with your window open. This may sound weird, but the outside air is better than the air in your house. Now a sub-category under fresh air: Breathing. This may seem stupid, but breathing does help. You probably do not notice it but your breaths are very short and shallow. You need to try to make these breaths longer and deeper. When you breathe deep it lets oxygen get to places of your body it might not usually be bale to get to. So a couple of times a day just focus on your breathing. Breath deeply in your nose and out your mouth. But the trick part, your lower lungs and stomach should move more than your chest. This means you have to breathe from deep within your lungs. This may be hard to get used to but just place your hand on your stomach and make yourself pop your stomach out when you take your breath. You can also try breathing in for 4 seconds, holding it for 7 seconds, then blowing out of your mouth for 8 seconds. Do this 3 times in a row. Do this once or twice daily.

Sleep – Finally, we all know it matters but we continue to deprive ourselves of sleep. But this may be the most important thing out of the whole list. When you sleep it gives you body time to repair itself. When you do not get enough sleep your body has less item to fix itself up and this may result in acne. But how much sleep do you really need. In an article on the National Sleep Foundation website it says that teens aging from 11-17 need 8.5 – 9.25 hours of sleep EVERY night. I know for a fact, I do not get that much sleep every night. In fact, I might only get 8.5 – 9.25 hours of sleep once or twice a week. Many of us have this problem but it is a simple fix: Go to bed earlier. Be more efficient so you can complete what you need to get done. Do not procrastinate, and do not get distracted. I know we all love sleeping, so why do we avoid it so much?

All these tips will dramatically help your overall health, which will help your acne problem. But changes will not come overnight. You have to work at each of these areas to see improvement. You can not expect your acne to go away in a week either. Just think about it, you have probably been rewarding your body very badly for the majority of your life. So it will take some time to reverse those effects, and change them. It is all about motivation, when I first started I constantly craved junk food, and I found it very hard to eat the right things. If you have any problems, and are thinking about doing something that you know is not healthy just think of your acne. Do you really want to come back. Is all that stress and frustration worth it for a bag of chips, or staying up an extra hour, or not exercising. It is your choice but you want to do, bud in the end do not you just want to be ACNE FREE?

Just like everything in life you have to work hard for your results. "The only place you will find success before work is in the dictionary." Live by this statement and you will be a very successful person.

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